сряда, 25 май 2011 г.


запас от минали дни. вече не виждам нищо. но трябва да стигна до края.

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Анонимен каза...

Как се напуска такова място...

Ясмина каза...

лесно, ако няма за кого да тъгуваш, когато си заминеш завинаги..

Анонимен каза...


Ясмина каза...


Анонимен каза...


The pain grew silent, the scream unheard

sharpen your smile 'til you make mud

you may not see what's done, others will

when you lie still /at night/

You shave thy catty, and then you sorry

that's how you make your living

and screamings still can't show up

that saves you money

And dressed in black the shades unchained

clean the streets, the shoes go wet

brush your suit and say then Hush

'til you make mud

Roman Pont 1990-1992

Анонимен каза...


Thousands have lived this for you and died

this place and the way we live

smell of death to me

take some time away

fly downtown tomorrow

buy a plane ticket anywhere

take a bus trip

anything to get away

and cool things

take thy alarm friendly

meet the following night

embrace it

and drive away...

Roman Pont